Spa Services


Detox Therapies:

FULL SPECTRUM INFRARED SAUNA: Enjoy multiple benefits for good health when you relax & meditate in an infrared sauna that helps your body heal from the inside. Infrared heat can help repair muscles, heal wounds, detoxify, boost immunity, assist in weight loss, improve sleep, & more. Includes chromotherapy in your session to improve health & alter your mood. Helps ease depression & anxiety, boost energy, improves mood & assists with anti-aging. 15 minute warm up pre session $15, 30 minute post session $25 or Single session 30 minute $30, or 45 minute $45. Buy 5 sauna session pass get 1 free.

REFLEXOLOGY & HERBAL FOOT SOAK: 45 minutes of relaxing, reflexology massage on the feet with a detoxifying foot soak formulated with salts, oils , & herbs. 60 minutes, $85

LYMPHATIC MASSAGE or FASCIA BLASTING: A series of light upward movements to help move toxins out of the body or choose Fascia blasting to bust up cellulite & break up stuck fascia. 45 minutes, $65

HOLISTIC CLEANSING FACIAL: Herbal steam, aromatherapy scented towels. double cleansing, purifying clay, help clarify the complexion. Acupressure on face, neck, chest, & arms, assist in the lymphatic cleansing process. Reflex massage on the feet add to the relaxation of this head to toe treatment. 60 minutes, $100

AROMA TOUCH TECHNIQUE: Using DoTerra Essential oils, this technique uses a sequence of Swedish massage moves to apply therapeutic oils into the skin to aid with a series of health benefits. Boost immunity, while balancing the body & mind. The back, hands, & feet will be treated. 50 minutes, $80

THE GREAT DETOX SPA PACKAGE: 1 Infrared sauna session 30 minutes, 1 herbal foot soak & reflexology 30 minutes, & a PURE skin mini facial 30 minutes. 90 minutes total, $145

Skin Clinic:

CUSTOM BLEND FACIAL: An overall rejuvenating treatment customized for your complexion. Identify your unique concerns, followed by invigorating cleansing, tailored exfoliation and aromatherapeutic facial massage, plus a power treatment and mask custom blended in-treatment with concentrated ingredients to target your skin’s individual needs. In three corrective activity tiers designed to deliver personalized results with increasing levels of active enzymes. 60 minutes, $100 Add on V-neck area for extra firming of the neck & décolleté +$15

MEDI INFUSION FACIAL: Micro-channeling with the Revita-pen device stimulates product penetration to the next level without inflammation. Deeply delivers powder actives, serums, anti-oxidants, & vitamins into the skin to encourage 30 days of collagen production. 60 minutes, $125

ACNE CLEARING FACIAL: Designed for stubborn acne, hormonally induced breakouts or chronic clogged pores + blackheads. Deep pore cleansing and exfoliation are followed by a salicylic acid medicated power treatment and sulfur power mask to clear + heal. In two corrective activity tiers designed to deliver personalized results with increasing levels of active exfoliation. Can be performed on face or back. 60-90 minutes, $90 Add on back +$60

SEASONAL ENZYME GLOW: Special enzyme of the season will satisfy your senses as well as give you that glow before that event or when you want to look your best. Brightening enzymes, nourishing serums massaged into the skin with a hydrating mask & moisturizer. 45 minutes, $85 Add on Dermaplaning to enhance your results +15

Faster Facials:

FACIAL PEEL: An express, personalized peel designed to target dullness, lines and problem pores with deep cleansing followed by a gentle but effective glycolic acid peel.  30 minutes, $60

LUNCHTIME LIFT: An express facial to lift and sculpt the look of aging, sagging skin with a gravity-defying clinical power mask. Recommended to be experienced in a facial series for optimal visible results. 30 minutes, $60 add on micro-current for extra lifting & contouring 15 minutes, +$20

MINI SERUM TREATMENT: A shorter version of the Medi-Infusion facial with plenty of benefits to pack a punch into your best skin ever routine. 35 minutes, $85

Facial A la Carte: $20 enhancements

EYE REPAIR: cooling globes, massage, and collagen eye pads

V-NECK FIRMING MASK: firming mask & massage with neck cream

COSMETIC COLOR MATCH: Foundation match, complimentary colors for lip, cheek, & eye

CELLUMA LED THERAPY: Anti-wrinkle or Anti-acne light therapy to treat skin deep down

Therapeutic Massage: 45, 60, 75, 90 minute sessions

SWEDISH: light to medium pressure, 60, 75, 90 minute $85, 100, 110

DEEP TISSUE: moderate to deep pressure, 60, 75, 90 minute $90, 105, 115

NEUROMUSCULAR: traces nervous system, recalibrating the muscles, firm pressure, 60 minute $90

Massage A la Carte: $20-$40 enhancements

HOT/COOL STONES: Deeply relax muscles utilizing heat or cold therapy from smooth stones

LOMI LOMI: A Hawaiian technique using warm towels

REIKI CLEANSE: Balance energies & clear chakras

FOOT BLISS: Soak, Exfoliant, Foot Cream

SCALP & HAIR OIL TREATMENT: Tonic to cleanse, oil to deeply nourish, with scalp massage

FLASH FACIAL: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Massage, Tone, & Hydrate the complexion

Body Treatments:

HERBOLOGY POLISHING MASSAGE OR WRAP: Therapeutic neck-to-toes body exfoliation with dual-action, physical and chemical exfoliation using ancient herbal grains that first sweep away dulling cells, then melt into skin, releasing natural AHAs. Helps increase circulation and stimulate lymphatic system… optional a warming body cocoon wrap. 60 minutes, $85

CELLULITE REMEDY WITH FASCIA BLASTING: Begins with dry brushing to stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system. Detoxifying, cellulite fighting oil blend is applied with acupressure and a fascia blasting tool to break up stuck fascia & cellulite. 45 minutes, $65