Skincare 101

Beautiful skin isn’t always healthy….however healthy skin is always beautiful.

That’s just one of the facts Dr. Hauschka Skin Care stands by. You’ll find that their approach to health and beauty is quite different from other skin care lines, and you may well be surprised by some of the facts you discover

7 Facts that will change your skin:

  • Skip the night cream; Your skin will thank you.
  • Like treats like-
  • Stop scrubbing–your skin is not the bathroom floor.
  • Ingredients matter, and quality ingredients matter most.
  • Your skin is smart.
  • Not all facials are created equal.
  • Rhythm is the key to health & vibrancy

Why see an Esthetician?

  • Products can be confusing and hard to choose the right ones.
  • A professional can see things you cannot.
  • They offer treatments you cannot receive on your own.
  • A skilled facial massage will improve the look and feel of the skin, while helping products penetrate deeper.
  • They help you take time for yourself, which is truly therapeutic.