Detox + Bodywork

“Treat your body like your temple”

Purifying Back Treatment  $65

Deep clean, and smooth your neglected back.
Includes exfoliation, extractions, purifying clay
mask & Swedish back massage.

Treatment time: 60 minutes

Seaweed Wrap  $65 add salt glow for $30

Starts out with dry brushing of the body, then an odorless, skin tightening, mineral packed seaweed is brushed onto the skin. You remain warm wrapped up in a solar blanket while receiving a scalp massage, the remedy is then removed with warm towels & a hydrating butter cream is massaged into the skin. Shower is optional, & recommended if receiving the salt glow.

Treatment time: 60-75 minutes

Fascia-Blast/Cellulite Remedy  $60

Starts with dry brushing, application of a stimulating essential oil blend combined with the Fascia-Blaster tool & acupressure massage to aid in the reduction and appearance of cellulite. Applied on the lower half of the body. Add on stomach area for $10.

Treatment time: 50 minutes

Aroma Swedish Massage $65

A massage sequence of light touch utilizing certified therapeutic essential oils to soothe muscles, boost immunity, aid in detoxification and to restore balance to the mind/body. Swedish massage of back, neck, shoulders, scalp, & feet

Treatment time: approx. 60 minutes

Good Health Sauna Session $25-$35 or buy 5 get one free ($100) 

Meditate in our Far Infrared Detox sauna for up to 45 min. Helps detoxify the body, give pain relief, promotes weight loss, and helps comfort depression, fibromyalgia, arthritis, lyme’s disease, & other various ailments. Can be added on before bodywork or facial. (Naples location only)

Deep Tissue Massage available on Mondays 9-1 by appointment, other days by request. 1 hour starts at $70. Email/call to schedule