Energy Work

Reiki, Akashic Records, Sound Healing, Human Design

REIKI SESSION Reiki is the transformation of energy that no longer serves us and the replacement of it through a universal connection. It is facilitated by touch and with the use of the chakra system, it helps to heat the energenic, emotional, spiritual & physical bodies. It aids in the natural healing of those bodies. We offer Shamanic reiki, that incorporates sounds, nature, & crystals to govern healing. 1 hour, $70 30 minutes, $35

REIKI CLEANSE (add on to Therapeutic Massage) Balance & clear chakras $25 for 15 minutes

AKASHIC RECORD READINGS The akashic records are the network of past lives that an individual soul travels through. It’s where the database of all your past experiences is held. All of the hardships, the beauty, sadness and joy are stored there. Brooke Johnson, LMT will help you understand a pattern or a lesson in this lifetime that might be stunting your further growth. A reading can be done by itself or with massage and reiki to help clear out any blockages in the body. Pricing from now until the beginning of May is $35 for the reading by itself for about 1 hour in length. $130 for a session that includes reading and bodywork for a 2 hour time frame.

SOUND HEALING (Individual or Group) Sound healing utilizes tools & instruments to help clear & balance a person’s subtle energy system. Pricing is $85 for 1 hour, $120 for 1 hour couples sound bath, $225 for 1 hour small group sound bath (up to 4)

VIBRATIONAL SOUND HEALING A hands on approach, using crystal & Himalayan bowls, forks, using vibration & sound to have a more direct experience & alleviate blockages in the body. Pricing is $125 for 1 hour individual, $175 for 1 hour couples, $150 for 1 hour & 30 minutes w/consult.

HUMAN DESIGN CHARTS Personal growth/self study chart, a tool for growth & development helps guide your decisions in life. Must provide your birthplace, birthday, & time you were born. $175 for chart